Title: 6/6 Glasses Category: CGI ·  Speculative · Branding  · WebsiteDate: 2022
The work 6/6 Glasses is a speculative design project that deals with the protection of digital identity. By means of an online store and an analog installation, a dystopian future in the metaverse is simulated. At the center are three virtual wearables, which promise meta-users the long-awaited digital freedom through purchase. The digital version of the work shows an online store, which is located in metaverse. Meta-users have the possibility to purchase identity-protecting wearables. 

The physical space of the gallery forms the speculative antithesis of the store in the metaverse. Glass certificates stored in water form a visual symbiosis of protection. Each certificate is directly connected to its associated wearable.

Exhibited at the group exhibition Simulacrum 24/7
Frappant Gallery, Hamburg. 2022

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