Title: A+11 Fashion Show Category: CI · Webdesign · Photography · 360° VideoDate: 2020
Since 2009, the A+ fashion show has been organized annually by the students of Armgartstraße. For the graduates, the A+ fashion show represents the performative highlight of their studies and offers them the opportunity to show their collections to a large audience. In 2020, however, the graduates' final projects could not be offered a live stage in the form of a catwalk due to the Corona measures. Therefore, an alternative possibility was searched to present the final collections to the public in an appropriate way.

That's why we supported the fashion students in the conception and implementation of a digital A+11 show. To promote the show on social media, we occupied public advertising spaces with AR filters to match our online only concept. The show celebrated its premiere after a one-month countdown on the specially developed website. Here you can find not only a 360° video of the show, but also photos and texts about the individual final collections. 

Julia Löffler
Gina Bartzok


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