Title: A^3 Fashion ShowCategory: Spatial Design · Animation · PosterDate: 2020
A^3 emerged as a collaborative venture involving a compact team of students from diverse disciplines, including Fashion Design, Communication Design, and Media Technology. Guided by Professors Heike Grebin, Kai Dünhölter, and Wolfgang Willaschek, the interdisciplinary project culminated in a fashion performance showcased on February 1, 2020, as an integral component of the annual exhibition at HAW Armgartstraße.

Will we one day reach the point of technological singularity where artificial intelligence has caught up with human intelligence? The performance, which was an abstract interplay of fashion, animation and projection, was based on this question. The aim was to create a symbiosis between body and space. Current final collections by HAW fashion students were shown, as well as works from the second semester's editing courses. I was involved in the conception, dramaturgy and appearance of the event, but especially in the animations, which were projected onto the cube and the models via projection mapping.

Diep Nguyen Wegener, Hanna Diercks, Julian Hahn, Luisa Kiendl, Michelle Maicher, Tobias Bartenschlager, Quirin Nebas, Catharina Holtgrave, Hannah Zhou, Max Tautorus, Fiona Rehberg, Rika Behrens, Steven Gandorfer, Stefanie Tippmann, Sarah Niederau, Sarah Rabe, Fiona Bergemann

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